青少年妈妈OG:法拉亚伯拉罕’s 10个最令人震惊的育儿时刻



自从她出现在MTV以来’s 16岁和怀孕, 法拉·亚伯拉罕(Farrah Abraham)一直是争议最大的人物之一,并且谈论其中的现实之星。她的宣传持续得益于被选为原版四颗星之一 青少年妈妈 系列影片,并感谢她的许多其他滑稽动作,包括在成人电影界的职业以及无休止的争议性评论。它’s kind of hard for some to accept that, through it all, Farrah Abraham is also the single parent to her 7-year-old daughter, 索菲亚. Unfortunately more than once Farrah has made fans’ jaws drop by the things she has said to or done with 索菲亚, leaving us with these 10 most shocking parenting moments.


As 索菲亚 has gotten older, Farrah has taken to using her daughter on social media to promote her own brands or business deals. She also has posted about several current controversial issues in a way that many feel is inappropriate. Recently, Farrah posted one of 索菲亚’s modeling shots 加上马丁·路德·金(Martin Luther King)阅读的一句话,“我们的生活开始结束,直到我们对重要的事情保持沉默。”然后,她添加了标题,“#HappySunday & all of our love &向受警察,枪支,示威者,暴动以及所有伤害,混乱造成的家庭祈祷&缺乏控制 。我希望历史不再重演’自我,因为我们都在努力为我们的未来做出积极的改变。 #rip#免费#星期日。”


该系列的影迷很清楚在第5季发生的有趣情况 青少年妈妈 OG when Debra tells Farrah that they had a little issue with 索菲亚’的校长。当时法拉(Farrah)在英国拍摄时,黛布拉(Debra)一直在看着她的孙女。 名人大哥, and she explained to Farrah that the principal told 索菲亚 she should not be wearing makeup to school at only 6 years old, but Debra said she “handled it.”差不多一年后,法拉(Farrah)公开谈论这种情况,”我是怪胎中唯一的母亲’小学被要求处理女儿的化妆,” and also explained how she told the principal off. Naturally, it is concerning for many that 索菲亚 already feels the need to wear makeup every day.


几年前的2013年,索菲亚(Sophia)才四岁,法拉(Farrah)发表了一些更令人震惊的评论,成为头条新闻,并引起了很多人的强烈批评,尤其是父母。当时,法拉(Farrah)最近因在成人电影中的表现而被重新命名,并且由于她的新职业道路使她的女儿花了很多时间,原因是她承诺参加俱乐部露面,并在女儿的地方和活动中担任其他主持工作当然可以’不参加。当被问及与她的小女儿度过那么多时间时,法拉说:“It’我们休息一下很健康。她(索菲亚)拥有自己的生活,正在做自己的事情,而我’m doing mine.”4岁,不,索菲娅不“have her own life” and is not doing “her own thing.”



作为一个自己经历过多次整容手术的人,只是一个时间就被问到自己对自己女儿接受整容手术的感觉如何,甚至在才6岁的时候就被揭露了,索菲娅已经不安全了, Farrah将来会全力支持女儿的整容手术。“我的小索菲亚,她’经历了一段艰难的时期,现在失去了所有的牙齿,她’并不是真的那么安全。我认为它’当每个人’s looking at looks.” She added, “You’会发现我的女儿确实珍视我的方式’做了我的样子并投入了自己,我觉得如果[整容手术]不会伤害她并使她看起来更好,并使她的健康保持到她的老年,那我没有问题。我会提供支持,因为看到女儿担心她的容貌,即使她在她的身边时,也会感到痛苦’现在正在掉牙,所以’s sad.”


While most of the things Farrah says are bound to cause controversy, especially when they seemingly negatively affect her daughter, there are only certain instances where 索菲亚 causes concerns for viewers of 青少年妈妈 OG herself. Farrah has often spoke about how 索菲亚 already focuses on looks, and viewers saw just what that meant in the last season of the show when she was being looked after by Debra and Debra was trying very hard to get 索菲亚 to eat all of her breakfast before school. After 索菲亚 wouldn’t finish eating, Debra said she needed to pick out an outfit for school for 索菲亚, and got this shocking response, “Don’t make me look fat!” It is clear Farrah’她对女儿外表的迷恋使她的女儿摆脱了迷恋,听到一个六岁的孩子发出的类似声音令人震惊。

5. The 牙仙子

索菲亚 may have been self-conscious about losing teeth, but Farrah tried to help as best as she could by being the most over-the-top 牙仙子 ever, and once again stirred up controversy about how she is spoiling 索菲亚. In late September 2015, Farrah发布了照片 到Twitter了解什么“Tooth Fairy” gave 索菲亚, and it was a haul that included a new bracelet, “glitter dust”和一大堆现金。 Farrah到英国旅行后,还给了女儿其余的英镑,总计达1400美元。最令人震惊的是,这是法拉(Farrah)因失去两颗前牙而给女儿600美元之后的两个月。大多数孩子很幸运能从“Tooth Fairy.”


As 索菲亚 gets older, one of the growing concerns for fans of the 青少年妈妈 系列是法拉 ’s attitude towards her mother Debra is rubbing off on 索菲亚. There have been many instances where 索菲亚 has been outright rude and disrespectful towards Debra and Farrah not only doesn’t do anything about it, but she seemingly supports it because that is how she treats Debra. There have been many instances where 索菲亚 tells her grandmother off, sticks her tongue out, and even slaps her with no repercussions, and most shocking is the way in which Farrah continuously swears at her mother while 索菲亚 is with them.

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3. DUI

这是法拉(Farrah)成为她女儿不好的榜样的又一时刻。 2013年3月,法拉(Farrah)因酒后驾车(DUI)被捕,她没有因自己的失误而自找借口,似乎’没什么大不了的,但最不幸的是,可能发生了一件严重的事情,索菲娅在出生前就已经在一场车祸中失去了父亲德里克·安德伍德(Derek Underwood)。逮捕后,法拉说她不在’甚至还没有真正开车,只是将汽车停在拐角处停放,然后还说她没有’喝醉了但她生病了,这就是为什么她吹了两倍法律限制的原因。几天后,她发布了一张自己和家人喝含羞草的照片,并附上了标题,“yes, we drink!”

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2. Nicki Minaj仇

早在2016年1月上旬,法拉拉·亚伯拉罕(Farrah Abraham)与说唱歌手/歌手尼克尼·米娜(Nicki Minaj)发生了一场荒谬的仇恨,因为米娜(Minaj)显然看了一段情节。 青少年妈妈 and tweeted about how badly Farrah treats her own mother. After a back and forth on social media, Abraham then did something truly surprising and dragged 6-year-old 索菲亚 into the fight. Farrah 发布了一个视频 to social media of 索菲亚 saying, “大家好你们好。尼基·米娜(Nicki Minaj)是个输家,”在视频中的文本框读取时,“Nicki Minaj 唐’t说坏话,我不’t.” It was a truly immature and irresponsible thing to put 索菲亚 in the middle of the feud, not to mention that she encouraged her to call someone else a “total loser.”


尽管存在三年令人震惊的法拉·亚伯拉罕行为,但当真人秀女承认曾经给索菲亚打蜡时,她仍然是最令人震惊的育儿时刻之一。’当时Sophia才3岁。亚伯拉罕说人们一直在评论她的女儿’s “unibrow”所以有一天,她决定尝试上蜡,但是像大多数三岁的孩子一样,索菲娅“freaked out.” That’当亚伯拉罕说她刚摘了索菲亚’幼儿睡觉时的眉毛。她不断辩护说“如果我可以拔几根头发给我女儿一点点帮助。 。 。我想我做对了” and “Sophia’s beautiful with 放松 or without! Point is take care of your child’s hygiene.”